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September 18-20, 2023 Beijing, China
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Time: September 8, 2023

Madame Sun Lili, one of the National Masters of Engineering Survey and Design, is specialized in petroleum refining and petrochemical engineering design. She is mainly engaged in technologies innovation, research on smart design, and management mode in petroleum refining and petrochemical industry. In 2019, Madame Sun was elected as the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE).

Title: Research on Process Reengineering Technology and Utilization of Multi-energy Coupling in the Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Industry under the “Dual Carbon” Goal.

Abstract: The petroleum refining and petrochemical, as the supporting industry in the national economy, is undertaking the mission given by the times to promote high quality development and reach the goals of carbon neutrality and carbon peaking. How to realize the synergy between economic development and low-carbon development has become a vital subject faced by the industry. To achieve the high quality development of the industry, a key pathway is to study on process reengineering, with full integration of multi-energy to extend the industrial chain, thus to reduce both pollution and carbon in high efficiency. Therefore, the important directions for China’s petroleum refining and petrochemical industry going forward are to make breakthrough in series of key processes and engineering technologies, and in the same time, to research and study on critical equipment, to remove the bottleneck in digital engineering twining and intelligent process control, and to speed up the demonstration projects for engineering application, in order to generate green and high-efficient productivity.

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