The 5th Global Grand
Challenges Summit


September 18-20, 2023 Beijing, China
Featured Guests

Wang Jian

Time: September 2, 2023

Dr. Wang Jian was the chief technology officer at Alibaba and founded its cloud, which ranks third as a public cloud provider globally and first in Asia. He was also the chief architect of Apsara, its computing foundation, and took the lead in proposing the industrial model of using computing as a public service. In 2016, Dr. Wang pioneered and led the nonprofit City Brain initiative to develop a new digital infrastructure for sustainable “smart” cities as his personal effort and was the architect of Hangzhou City Brain. He founded the Yunqi Academy of Engineering, a private nonprofit research institute with a focus on scientific research for City Brain, and the Yunqi Science and Technology Innovation Foundation, a philanthropic private foundation that operates the free 2050 museum, which envisions the future through technology innovation and organizes the 2050 event every year in April, promoting the vision of science and technology bringing people together. He is a Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and lives in Hangzhou, China.

Title: Computing-Driven Scientific Discovery and Technology Innovation

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